Single Speed

Check these guys out.  They hand built this badass ride.

Just finished the build and competing for best city bike at NAHBS 2016.  This is a custom handmade steel single speed made from a combination of True temper and Columbus steel tubing. The builders: Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann formerly of Lovebaum Bicycles who have just rebranded as Philosophy Bicycle Co. Thomson Elite seatpost; custom stem for better routing for the Paul racer center pull brakes; FSA Omega Compact handlebar; White Industries ENO Hubs, hand built wheelsets with Sapim CX Ray Spokes and Pacenti SL23 rims; hand built steel fork to allow for greater flexibility in wheels; White industries freewheel; White Industries crankset and bottom bracket with TRP RRL brake levers; custom made saddle with matching bar tape by the folks over at Leh Cycling in Austin

If you want a bad ass hand built steel frame bike whether it be mountain, road, singlespeed, or whatever your riding philosophy. These boys will make it happen. Eat. Ride. Drink. Repeat.

Townie Ride

When we want to hit the town we hit it with our townies 


i. can. not. stay. away. from. edm.

i like this guy

another awesome swedish dj a with a jackhammer beat ridden summer time jam off his debut album “forever”


radio edit

original mix

why did these songs get stuck in my head or the dangers of cycling without headphones

i don’t wear headphones while riding. the dangers are great enough on the road without isolating myself from the sounds of the outside world. i mostly try to focus on the road. but sometimes. when i am on a country road. enjoying the beauty of the day. my mind starts to wander. and music gets stuck in my head. that happened this morning.

this is the ride:

these two songs kept “cycling” through my head. i. have. no. idea. what. is. up. with. that.



summer time pool chillin’ pina colada drinking got no problems tunage

summer is coming and there are just certain tunes that lend themselves to chillin’ by the pool and enjoying a cool beverage like you ain’t got no problems. here are some good ones:

Oliver – Think Daft Punk – easy to listen to …. easy to drink to …. easy to chill to….

Callum Burrows stage name Saint Raymond this is the title track off his upcoming debut EP album Young Blood. Poppy, fun, summer….

I’ve always liked Civil Twilight. “When, When” is their most recent tune off their upcoming album Story Of An Immigrant. It has a certain “paul simon graceland” feel to me…..

John Newman never disappoints….

i am old . . . but i am not dead . . . music i like – post #10

think The Cure but without the depression.  I like it so much i’m adding to the Music of Moment.  over there.  on the right.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

I still have numerous people ask about my base camp trek.  especially since the recent earth quake in Nepal.  this is a short video of the trip.  many good people live work play worship there.  please contribute to legitimate causes to help those in need as a result of this tragedy.



i am old . . . but i am not dead . . . music i like – post #9

I’m back!!

indie rock and excellent 70’s and 80’s covers are two of my greatest weaknesses.  i kinda like these cuts.  check it out.

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